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January health kick – or a January kick-start?

Posted on January 24 2018

It is late-January now and Christmas is already over, we hope that you enjoyed your well-deserved break! After all the over-indulging over the holidays, it is usually right about now that people are in the full swing of their New Year’s Resolutions, having taken up a new sport, or endeavored to exercise more, or, indeed, taken up a new diet. It is these kinds of resolutions which come hand-in-hand with self-deprivation – but what we’re suggesting her at Omnia is some self-preservation! By all means, exercise more, try new things, and eat well, but depriving yourself could have a negative effect on you which could then affect you work! And so maybe instead of a January health kick, you should take up a January kick-start, to create meaningful goals in order to grow your business, or to develop professionally. And maybe, these types of goals will have more longevity and benefits than a January fad diet.

So, we have come up with some tips and suggestions in order to benefit you and your work:

1. Look at the things you could improve on professionally from 2017…

· How could you improve on these? Do you have feedback from clients to aid you in this? Could you go on a course to better your skills? Why not try networking and meeting like-minded people to collaborate with? What can you do this year to ensure that you do better this time?

2. Innovate you work experience…

· If you have the luxury of a flexible office environment, which in current times is steadily becoming the norm, then why not mix things up? Balance your work and social life by utilising the break-out space, if your office has one. Is your office a happy office – could having a change around improve the work environment? And if things are getting too much in the office, why not take a 10-minute stroll or power walk in the fresh air to clear your mind?

3. Eat a well-balanced diet…

· Don’t starve yourself – it’s okay to have a healthy snack from time to time, anything to keep you happy and keep your brain active!

4. Give yourself time to relax…

· What helps you to feel relaxed and care-free after work? Is it reading a good book? Taking a bath? Going out with friends? Or going for a long walk? Whatever it is, do it – you deserve it.

At Omnia, we wish all the best to all of our tenants, and we cannot wait to see how you develop throughout 2018!

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