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6 Benefits Gained from Flexible Working

Posted on April 18 2016

Flexible working is becoming more common in the UK and many workers nowadays have higher expectations and see flexible working as the norm rather than the exception.

With this trend set to continue, can business managers manage the situation to their benefit also? Below, we have gathered some helpful points about how it can work to suit all who are involved:

  • Attracts the best staff: Offering flexible working can be a good way of attracting the best staff, while working to retain top talent. Flexible working arrangements to help with the school run or to fit work around caring responsibilities are vital in enabling some people to continue their careers while looking after others.
  • A happier office: For employees the benefits of flexible working contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing and thus, better performance. An opportunity to create a better balance between work and other commitments offers a greater sense of being in control of working life.
  • Loyalty: Unsurprisingly, staff who are able to work flexibly feel more motivation and loyalty to their employer. A government survey of employers’ attitudes to work-life balance found that the majority of businesses surveyed found flexible working had a positive impact on employee relations and office morale.
  • Evaluate: Consider your office IT requirements to enable people to work flexibly, hot desk, and make or receive phone calls from any computer, no matter where they are located.
  • Do a test run:Test your plan by running a small-scale pilot scheme for a period of time. Gain feedback, evaluate and make changes as necessary.
  • Be aware of the benefits:70% of British office workers feel more productive working away from the office, 38% say they are more creative out of the office, and 90% say flexible working doesn’t impact their ability to collaborate with colleagues.

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