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Exciting Times for Doncaster Residents and Businesses!

Posted on July 19 2017

The Exciting Plans for Doncaster

At Omnia Offices, we were excited to hear about plans to further develop the network rail link. Plans include: opening up the front of the train station into a public forecourt, moving the current car park and creating new drop off facilities. Plus, a new taxi rank and easier footfall traffic into the city centre! We think that this will make make travel around the station easier and safer for everyone. Seven million pounds of Sheffield City Region funding has been invested in these innovative improvements, and is expected to attract new businesses to the region and create more jobs for residents.

Doncaster Council are preparing to propose plans to introduce a new network rail link connecting Doncaster Sheffield Airport to London.Travel time will be less than 80 minutes as it will decrease congestion and attract new international trade, as this gateway will open up connections serving the east side of the country. Doncaster is already home to Investcorp, who have acquired three properties in the Yorkshire region totalling thirty five million pounds. These new links could see more international trade moving into Doncaster and surrounding areas because of this.

We heard that Doncaster has been given the top spot on a list of 52 cities of the least financially stressful places to live, beating the likes of Bristol, Leicester  and York. Doncaster, Leicester and York being just three of the locations of our office buildings!

What we can offer

If you’re looking to make your business home to these innovative developments, and need an office in this area, take a look at our Doncaster office, Gresley House. You will find an excellent range of services and facilities to suit all your requirements. Contact us today to find out more!


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